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  1. Franz

    A video made during this photoshoot for LSM 1, set 8 can be found on these sites:
    https://xhamster.com/videos/my-girls-7269513 (15 min) or https://www.redtube.com/1247735 (7 min)

    Another video of these 3 girls by LS Studios:

    The girl wearing long pants in the opening of set 8 is called Sveta by LS Studios. She also modeled for Charming Angels (I don’t know her name there.) and 4 sets for Pretty Virgins (Shameless, Restless, Amore, & Delight) under the name Maria. Beautiful Teens re-used these pics and re-named her Victoria/Vicky. Some sources claim that she modeled under the alias Aziza, but I don’t know for what studio.

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